Asimov's quote and how I stopped beating my muse
Asimov's quote above accurately describes my current feeling about my writing..  It hasn't always been this way, however.  Like many writers,  I've often been plagued by monumental self-doubt and nearly beaten my muse to death.   She did not like it, I assure you.   And what kind of way is that to treat a friend who only wants to help  And so, after a long and tortured relationship with writing, I've come to accept that it's how I order the world and make any sense of it.    Though I couldn't have articulated the idea that writing is healing when I was secretly composing moony poetry to deal with teenage angst,  I must have known it even then because writing made me feel better.    Now that I'm midway through my sixty-third year,  I know it as intimately as I know my breath or heart beat, and I know it no matter what happens to a particular writing project.  Writing is healing, whether you're a pro or not, whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction, a private journal or a film.   Or maybe writing is brooding, the kind of brooding that heals.   As for the Asimov quote, I'd probably spend at least one of my six minutes brooding, and two of the remaining minutes with my family (including two delicious grandchildren).    That would leave three to write.